Why literature is no longer art:

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Why literature is no longer art, a rant against what it has become:*

Now, I make no claim to know the complete span of the Hachette vs. Amazon kerfuffle, but I would like to point out that James Patterson (who is pro-Hachette) has started a laughable petition/open letter against Amazon over how they hurt authors. This is coming from a man who does not even write his own books, but uses ghostwriters. James Patterson proves that “the author” is no longer an artist. He is a brand.

Ghostwriters, too, have played their part in the destruction of literature as art. They write memoirs for celebrities and politicians who could barely type otherwise, lying to the public that “No, no, this person really IS smart enough to write his/her own book.”  This is the equivalent of a self-portrait painted by someone OTHER THAN YOURSELF. Should it be called a self-portrait…

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